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January 6 – March 8, 2020 – Online
WINV 685: Innovation Tools and Processes

This 9-week online course explores tools and processes for innovation in group settings. It is part of the Graduate Certificate in Workplace Innovation at Royal Roads University but can also be taken as a standalone course.

January 22, 2020 – Victoria, BC
Fundamentals of Group Facilitation

Working with groups takes more than just booking a time to get together and have a conversation. It takes an intentional, planned approach and effective facilitation skills and strategies to support groups through the work they need to do. Whether supporting a group to vision or plan, engage stakeholders or make decisions, a facilitator can be a crucial and effective presence. If you are interested in working with groups as a facilitator, or currently do this work and could use some extra skills and strategies to ground your practice more fully, this workshop will help you get there.

January 24, 2020 – Vancouver, BC
Assessing a Portfolio of Work Using Ecocycle, a visual technique

This session introduces a visual and participatory tool to assess a portfolio of activities a group or organization is undertaking. Ecocycle (a Liberating Structures tool) helps the organization answer questions as to what needs more investment, what is tracking well, what is ready to be let go and what innovation is being seeded. The session is hands on so people will leave having experienced using the tool and reflecting on where it can be used in evaluation and assessment. (Offered as part of the 2020 CESBC Conference.)

February 3 – March 8, 2020 – Online
Creating Effective Group Learning Experiences

This 5-week online course is designed as a practical introduction to adult learning design: just enough theory to guide practice and a variety of practical learning design skills and tools. All activities will be applicable to learning in organizations and will enable participants to translate what they learn into their workplace context.

February 7, 2020 – Victoria, BC
Facilitation Activities to Energize Your Workshop

This one-day workshop will explore a variety of activities for your facilitator toolbox that help build trust with participants and respond to energy highs and lows. Learn opening activities that help set the tone, closing activities that help a group finish strong, and in-between activities that support transitions and tricky moments.

April 23 – 24, 2020 – Victoria, BC
Boost Your Facilitation Practice with Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures are powerful facilitation strategies that can be used to support meetings, planning sessions, classrooms, workshops, presentations, and ongoing complex organizational change. They are serious fun ways to unleash and include everyone in the conversations and decision making that shape next steps. This is a two-day face-to-face workshop.