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All the courses I facilitate are aimed at helping people learn how to facilitate learning or group process. I help you learn how to facilitate in an interactive way, drawing on effective practices and processes to create active learning environments. Since I design and facilitate in all modes of learning (from face to face to the range of online modes), I can support you to learn how to do the same. Because I believe strongly in creating authentic and experiential learning opportunities, when you learn with me you don’t just hear about how to do something, you get a chance to do it.


I have extensive experience designing and facilitating participatory courses about how to teach online in both asynchronous and synchronous online environments. The Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) courses in particular prepare facilitators how to facilitate online and incorporate experiential learning and peer-based feedback opportunities.

Recent Examples: I’m the original designer of the Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) Synchronous course, which helps participants learn how to design and facilitate virtual/synchronous online sessions, and have facilitated it several times over the years for Royal Roads University, BCcampus, and through my own business. I have also facilitated FLO Fundamentals, a five-week online course in how to facilitate asynchronously online, more than a dozen times. I have also facilitated FLO Design several times, and some of the FLO Microcourses – including a one week course on designing with Liberating Structures – several times. I’m one of the authors of the FLO Facilitation Guide, an open textbook that helps post-secondary institutions or other organizations learn how to implement and facilitate the FLO courses. Since all FLO courses were developed as Open Educational Resources (OERs), I have the ability to create custom offerings of them for any organization that would like to train people how to facilitate online, either synchronously or asynchronously. (And can explain those terms when we chat if they are unfamiliar to you!)

“The facilitation was an excellent example of how to run a course, from enrollment to completing. I felt like I was welcomed and always felt that I was being watched or monitored, which is actually a good thing here. Thanks so much for your excellent examples, they speak louder to me than any words I read in publications.”

– Participant, Facilitating Learning Online Fundamentals course at Royal Roads University –


Liberating Structures are a set of 33 facilitation processes that anyone can use to make their meetings and learning events more interactive, inclusive and fun, and work together towards meaningful change and innovation. I use Liberating Structures processes in my group process facilitation and workshop facilitation work, and I also create and facilitate workshops that help others learn how to design and facilitate with them – both face-to-face and online. I’ve been co-stewarding the Liberating Structures Vancouver Island User Group for the last few years with my colleagues Tracy Roberts and Jeanie Paterson.

Recent Example: In early 2021 a colleague and I co-facilitated a three-hour virtual workshop for University of Calgary staff to introduce them to Liberating Structures. We not only facilitated the group of approximately 25 people through some of the structures so they could experience them firsthand, we explored together why LS are so powerful and discussed considerations for facilitating them online.

“Beth is an innovative and creative facilitator. She works hard to make her students feel comfortable and welcome. Participant comments included: ‘It was wonderful to work with Beth, she is a professional and dedicated individual.'”

– Patricia Larose, Program Coordinator, School of Business Continuing Education, Camosun College –


I’m a qualified Instructional Skills Workshop facilitator, passionate about helping facilitators – new and experienced – develop and enhance their teaching and facilitation skills. The Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) is an internationally-recognized instructor development program which gives people the opportunity to facilitate short “mini-lessons” and receive developmental feedback from others. The best thing about the ISW is that you actually get a chance to practice facilitation, you don’t just learn about it.

Additionally, I am a qualified trainer for the Facilitator Development Workshop, the course that participants take to learn how to facilitate the Instructional Skills Workshop. This means that if you would like to offer the ISW at your organization but need to train ISW facilitators, I can facilitate the course for you to help you accomplish that.

Past Examples: I have facilitated Instructional Skills Workshops many times for Royal Roads University staff and faculty, and have also co-facilitated an offering for University of Victoria staff. I look forward to offering ISWs again in person when we all return to face-to-face facilitated sessions.

“I loved the facilitators of this course. Both Beth and [her co-facilitator] rock! I thought the facilitators made a safe environment for students to take risks and try new learning methods.”

– Participant, Instructional Skills Workshop at Royal Roads University –


I work with organizations to develop custom workshops or courses based on any need you have to develop trainers, facilitators or faculty in your setting. I can design and facilitate courses related to almost any teaching and learning topic. Seeking inspiration of what we could do together? Download my 2021-2022 workshops document and then reach out to me to book a time to chat in Zoom to discuss what you’re looking for.

Past Example: For The University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine I designed and co-facilitated a four-hour session for faculty to enhance their teaching skills. This workshop was an abbreviated version of the Instructional Skills Workshop, designed to accommodate the limited availability of faculty. In the workshop we both modeled facilitative teaching and asked faculty members to individually facilitate one ten-minute mini lesson, on which they received feedback from the small group.

“I have had the great pleasure of co-facilitating and co-creating learning opportunities with Beth, both online and face-to-face. She is a dream to work with: ever organized, passionate, creative and collaborative. In facilitation, Beth is timely, insightful and truly lets participants lead and share their expertise – an indicator of a highly skilled facilitator and educator. Beth uses her curiosity and passion for learning and listening in everything she does.”

– Leanna Hill, Consultant –

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