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I like to believe that sometimes the Universe (or whatever word works for you) likes to give us a little push in the right direction, especially when we may need more courage. We could be going down a path and not really know where we’re headed, or we could have made a wrong turn – somewhere we know we shouldn’t be going but we feel a bit lost to know how to get back on track. And then something happens to give us a little nudge, or even a complete whack on the side of the head! That’s the Universe for you.

When we lose our way – whether it’s with a career, a relationship, a fitness level, or whatever else it is for you – sometimes we know it outright. Yet other times we just have an inkling that we’re not going where we should be. Perhaps we’re not good at reading the signs.

I recently heard a story about a hairdresser who had realized that doing hair wasn’t feeding her passion anymore. She had been wondering about finding a new career but she hadn’t made any moves in a new direction yet. And so a few years went on, and nothing happened. Except…

Interestingly enough, over time the hairdresser realized she had become allergic to hair colouring – and 60% of her clients coloured their hair! She couldn’t get away from it. She soon realized that she was becoming allergic to other products as well, and her allergist recommended a total detox from all products. The hairdresser knew that the only way to do this was to shut down her business. And so she did.

Now you might be asking yourself, what kind of a cruel world is it that makes a hairdresser allergic to the very products that she relies upon to carry out her business? I certainly did. But then I wondered, was that a sign?

Whatever your beliefs are about there being something “out there” greater than ourselves, I think this situation is pretty clear. The hairdresser was getting sick doing something that she didn’t really want to do anymore. And getting sick forced her hand to make a change. Luckily, she did. She had to, her health was at stake!

Now I don’t know the rest of the story about the hairdresser because it is still unfolding. But I do know that she has always had a passion for refurbishing old furniture and home accessories and she’s wondering now if there’s a way to turn this into a business. And you know what? Now she has the space and the time (and luckily, a partner with an income) to figure that out. I’m sure she will.

It’s scary to make a leap to doing what we really love, especially when we need to have a paycheque. But the Universe doesn’t care about scary. Even if you aren’t paying attention to the signs or doing anything about them, sometimes you still get what you want.

Have you ever seen or experienced signs to help you go in a better direction? I’d love to know!

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