I’ve had some fun incorporating different ed tech tools recently into my work so I thought I’d share a few of them here with you. None of these are particularly new but still can be interesting to use in your courses or otherwise, so here goes:


Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 7.11.31 PM

Last week I held a Genuine Blogging workshop and wanted to send some light reading and resources out to participants ahead of time. Storify seemed like the perfect tool to pull together a bunch of varied websites, quotes and images all related to the central theme of authentic blogging. I sent the Storify link out to participants ahead of time and it seemed like most people looked at the Storify before the session. A great way to attempt to flip your course if you want people to do advance reading, and get them interested in doing so. (The above picture links to a Storify that Clarence House has done saying Happy Birthday to Prince George.)


beth's popplet

Popplet is an iPad app that you can use for mind-mapping and more. Along with a video, I made a Popplet for the new Instructional Skills Workshop Online (ISWO) class I’m co-facilitating starting next week for Royal Roads University, to introduce myself to the class. It’s really easy to use and I love its bright, fun colours.


Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 7.05.20 PM

Text2MindMap is an online mind mapping tool, very very easy to set up and use. I used this tool to introduce myself when recently taking a course online as a student, and I enjoyed portraying my background in a more visual, connected and colourful way using this tool.

Have fun with these tools and let me know what you’re using these days too.