Sharing some of my story

I love that I’m able to spend my days thinking about how people learn. I find joy connecting with others to share this knowledge through my work designing and facilitating great learning experiences. Here’s a little of my story of how I got here.

I started my career in higher education, coordinating international executive training and summer abroad programs. Working at a university fed into my zest for learning and jump-started me on an education-based career.

Later I spent several years in the non-profit sector, coordinating and leading workshops at Volunteer Victoria. At the same time I worked for the Canadian Red Cross developing courses online. My skills took leaps and bounds when I worked for Royal Roads University as an instructional designer. I created my own company in 2011 because I knew it would give me the ability to work on a variety of interesting projects and craft my own work life as an entrepreneur.

Over the years I’ve designed and facilitated hundreds of courses, workshops and sessions, both face-to-face and online. I’ve worked with individual and organizational clients across all sectors.

My work is built on a strong educational foundation. I have a graduate degree in adult education, have attended a variety of professional development courses and go to conferences in my field on a regular basis. I am constantly studying how to create effective, outcomes-based learning opportunities.

You’ll often find me hanging out with my family and friends, reading a good book, shopping at farmers’ markets, convening an event for one of the two facilitation-related groups I lead, or connecting people up who I think should know each other!

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