Helping groups achieve their goals

My facilitation services support groups through planning, decision-making, brainstorming, consultation or visioning meetings. Together, we clarify the purpose of why they are meeting and where they want to get to, and then I craft an agenda to suit. I draw upon processes and activities to include everyone in the room and help people find innovative solutions together. I’m a neutral guide along the way, incorporating individual and group work to help groups and organizations achieve their purpose – and keep everyone energized to get there!

strategic Planning Facilitation

I facilitated a strategic planning day for Mount St. Mary Hospital with approximately 20 people in attendance: staff, volunteers and other organizational stakeholders. I met with key individuals from the organization in advance of the session and planned an interactive agenda that would lead them to their goal, which was to gather opinions and ideas from the group to inform the creation of their next three-year strategic plan.

“Beth provided the perfect balance of structure and flexibility for our team retreat. It’s not easy to facilitate a group of facilitators and Beth engaged us in decisions and changes throughout the day to ensure we spent more time where we had good energy and were achieving results. She helped us make some quick agreements around things that would be completed outside of the session. Beth’s strong questioning skills helped us get clear on our goals for each part of the day. She was able to hold a bit of creative tension so we pushed through on some important conversations. I also appreciated Beth’s ability to synthesize our conversations into a clear summary.”

– Sarah Hood, Director, Organizational Development and Learning Services, Human Resources, University of Victoria –

Instructional Design Planning Facilitation

I was hired by Open School BC to facilitate a two-day session with a group of high school teachers to plan curriculum changes related to BC’s work on righting Chinese Historical Wrongs. The event paved the way forward for the teachers and Open School BC to produce curriculum supplements for two different grade levels, and create an interactive web-based educational resource.

“I’ve had the very good fortune to work with Beth on several projects and I am always looking forward to more. Beth supported the Leadership Victoria core program committee by facilitating our one-day planning retreat. We had a huge, bold, challenging set of “hopes” for the day and Beth helped to design an agenda which was both realistic and productive. Our group was going through cultural change and Beth facilitated this with tact and kindness. She kept us optimistic when it felt like we were really in the wilderness, and by the end of the day we had a huge round of “thumbs-up” at our check-out.”

– Susan Low, Former Executive Director, Leadership Victoria –

PROGRAM Planning Facilitation

Providence Health Care hired me to facilitate a one-day planning session with their Volunteer Services team during which they would create a workplan for the next year and brainstorm more strategic ideas for the following two years. I supported the team to engage in creative and practical visioning and come up with action items to help them meet their goals.

“Beth helped me plan, organize and deliver a two-day instructional design planning session for a high-profile project with multiple stakeholders. Her careful planning, great activity ideas, and ability to adapt quickly in the face of a changing agenda made the session run smoothly and kept participants engaged. I loved the experience of co-planning with Beth and look forward to working with her again!”

– Jennifer Riddel, Educational Project Manager, Open School BC, Ministry of Education –

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