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Rebranding an E-Learning Course for BC Cancer

BC Cancer has been a client of mine for several years now and last fall I created an e-learning course for them called Orientation to Patient and Family Engagement. At the time we were working on the course we were aware that the organization was also going through a...

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E-learning course example: Introduction to Shelter Buddy

I was pleased to be able to work recently with the BC SPCA to create a short e-learning course to help their staff and volunteers learn the basics of using "Shelter Buddy". Shelter Buddy is an online management software system that BC SPCA uses to keep track of people...

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Learning at Barkerville Historic Town

I was on vacation last week and drove up to Barkerville with my family, following a lot of British Columbia's Gold Rush Trail to get there. Barkerville is an historic town that commemorates BC's gold rush and Billy Barker's historic strike in 1862 at Williams Creek....

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E-learning course example: Palliative Performance Scale

Back in March I blogged about an e-learning course that I developed for Victoria Hospice on Pediatric Palliative Care and now I'm pleased to share another e-learning course that I've recently completed, also for Victoria Hospice. Putting the Palliative Performance...

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Three podcasts to try

In a post last year I gave you three recommendations for good podcasts I was listening to a lot at the time. It's time to do it again! Here are three more podcasts which I play quite regularly and really enjoy. I hope you'll check them out. How I Built This with Guy...

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Seven keys to a great staff retreat

A couple of weeks ago I facilitated a small team's day-long staff retreat and it was such a positive experience I thought I'd write a blog post about it. Instead of talking specifically about that team's experience, though, I want to highlight key factors that we put...

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Debriefing facilitation with a fishbowl exercise

In late April I co-facilitated a workshop with my friend and colleague Tracy (Kelly) Roberts, it was a two-day Liberating Structures immersion for Royal Roads University. We had 27 participants with us learning how to use Liberating Structures, a set of 33...

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Five ways to use volunteering to build facilitation skills

It's National Volunteer Week in Canada - a great time to celebrate volunteers and talk about volunteering. I spent many years working in and around volunteering and volunteer management - and have been a volunteer myself all my life - so I thought I would write a post...

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