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#TryPod month: Three podcast recommendations

I heard on one of my favourite podcasts today that March is #TryPod month, a month to get people who aren't listening to podcasts already to try them. I think I still have time to slip a post on this under the wire, this being the last day of March, so here are three...

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Trying out Facebook Live: Part 1 – Getting Started

Yesterday I took a small leap for my business and tried out the new Facebook Live. Well, I suppose this livestreaming feature isn't so "new" anymore, but I feel like I haven't seen a lot of people doing it yet and wanted to jump on board. I was intrigued by it and...

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Co-facilitating Liberating Structures immersions

Isn't it interesting to look back sometimes on a year and see how you've progressed on an issue or self developed? No, this isn't a reflective new years post (a little late in March!) but just one that is prompted by my thinking about this time a year ago, and...

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Personal project on the go

I just started planning a workshop to offer with a friend and colleague, and during our planning conversation the other day I spoke about how - by working on planning this workshop - I was breaking my "rule" about the type of work that I take on right now. I've been...

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Learning how we learn

One of the most enjoyable things I've been doing work-wise lately is learning more about how people learn. Here are some examples:  Last year I got the excellent book Design for How People Learn and in February I picked up the Make it Stick book at the UBC Bookstore ...

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Attending Liberating Structures

Last week I was in Vancouver, attending a two and a half day workshop called "Liberating Structures" offered through BC Campus and the UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. I had learned about Liberating Structures only last summer, when one of the faculty...

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Where are your students doing their work?

Right now I'm involved in teaching two courses, both online. Course A is a nine-week credit course and Course B is a five-week non-credit course. I'm teaching Course A for the first time and I've taught Course B many times. Teaching Course A is a very different...

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The way I blog

I mentioned two or three weeks ago on my Facebook page that I'd love to spend more of 2016 blogging. Believe it or not, I've been a blogger since 2005, from back when it was very "out there", very weird and I felt I had to be slightly furtive about the whole blogging...

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