I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to spend my days thinking about and talking with others about how people learn and designing and facilitating great and effective learning experiences.

As a learning designer I work with people who are experts in varied subjects to help bring their knowledge and content to life in an online or in-person course, using best practices and strategies in adult education. As a facilitator I also support groups of various kinds through processes to accomplish their goals and help people develop skills in facilitation, either in-person or online.

I do all this backed by a graduate degree in adult education and many more courses and self-directed study in how to create effective, participatory, outcomes-based learning opportunities. (I’m qualified to teach the Instructional Skills Workshop too.)

Over the years I’ve designed and facilitated hundreds of courses, workshops and sessions, both in-person and online. I’ve worked with educational institutions, large and small nonprofits, and municipal and provincial government departments. My clients are wide ranging.

You’ll often find me convening an event for my Victoria Facilitators Group, volunteering for meaningful organizations, or emailing introductions to people whom I think need to know each other! I have called Victoria home since 2005.

Want to reach me? Email beth at bethcouglerblom dot com or call/text 250-686-0036.